water leak under dash


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Oct 27, 2003
I have a water leak under the dash board and it rotted the passenger side floor board. It seems to be comming in where the a/c evaporator and blower housing meets the firewall. The sealant is dried and cracking away. For now, Iv'e put a piece of duct tape along the bottom of the windshield to divert the water out away from the firewall and from a test with a garden hose it seems to have stopped it from comming into the car. Does anyone know a way to repair this without having to take that housing out?
I just fixed that last weekend.
First I pulled the lower window trim,then took out the mesh grate(heater air intake)
Took out bolts attaching heater box to fire wall.Scraped out all the old sealant and resealed with 3M body sealant and black RTV.

Was fairly easy to do.
Slowhawk, do you mean the heater box or do you mean the ac housing under the hood where it bolts o the firewall?
Originally posted by turbojimmy
I think you should have that thing towed to the junkyard and crushed.


Yeah maybe I should, but not before I pull the GN drive train out of it.;)