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Oct 18, 2003
Well it looks like my water pump has pooped the bed. What replacement are you guys using? I was gonna just order a new one from autozone
I have one from autozone and its been good for years. Its lasted longer then the gm ones I bought.
They should have the right number for our cars. A lot of guys run the HD model which flows more. They should have this as an option for about about $5 more.
The hd version is $39.99 and the standard is $25.99. I guess it's the hd version then. Thanks for the input. I already have a 170 t stat and a f body radiator. Anything else I should change while I'm in there?
I don't think so. I've only had this car 3 months. I was told by the previous owner it had 66k miles on it and I was skeptical at that but it does have a lot of oem parts and minimal mods. It still has the stock downpipe and cat on it as well as the stock turbo and actuator. The last owner did a set of injectors with a pump, Hotwire and chip. That and a vacuum brake conversion with a cat back are the only mods I see
I can't figure why so many of you guys put all this money in your cars, engines, and especially cooling systems, then try to cheat and cut corners by getting cheap, garbage parts. And I still don't understand why you guys get all crazy on your cooling systems, but never put a real deal, high flow water pump in. I still have my original, 150k+ mi, stock 30 yo cooling, other than a Flow Kooler water pump and 160° thermostat. Also, I run 50/50 water/antifreeze. I cruise at 162°-163° and spike momentarily at 167° when my fan comes on. The highest I've ever registered on my scanmaster was 179°, and that was after several consecutive wot hits with the weather in the high 80s. Afterwards, within 15 minutes of normal driving, I was right back at 162°-163°.

After hearing all the chatter on this board about RMI 25, I decided to add a bottle to my cooling system after recently flushing it. Now, I'm cruising at 152°-154°. So to sums things up, get a real water pump and add RMI 25 to your system.

Plus, if you go to the Flow Kooler website and do some reading, you'll see there are other benefits to it; other than just cooling.


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Good tips above, I help replaced a water pump last year on another T/B ,Not minds .We order from Auto Parts Warehouse
{ AC Delco #252-582 ,But they had lots of other choices as well. We did replace the timing chain to..install 160 thermostat an
was good to go..
To OP: Just use whatever water pump the parts stores have. Either sandard or "high flow" will be fine. The only thing that usually goes wrong in a water pump is the seal.

Rodruckus: If you're not even getting above 155*, I'd venture to say that you're running too cool. It's better than running too hot of course, but the oil and everything else isn't even getting up to the temperature it needs to be to cook off condensation, etc.
Not trying to hi-jack, but that thought has already crossed my mind. I've been keeping a close eye on things, but haven't had any noticeable or adverse effects over the past couple months though. Just running extra tough after Blue Deviling my 150k+ motor with my latest flush, all because I was getting some water jacket seepage. It makes me wonder how long my motor may've been dinged, since my compression is obviously higher and my tires are now breaking loose clear through my midrange.

People say Blue Devil doesn't do anything, but if you have a high mileage I'd run a 32oz bottle through it. You may be surprised with the results. Here I had just a little water jacket seepage, but not only did it alleviate that issue, I also ended up restoring compression that I never even knew was lost to begin with.
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Been running the same ole junk Advance Auto Parts water pump since 1999. It has a lifetime warrenty and no problem moving water.