Way to tell OEM from Crate engines???


True love
Jun 21, 2005
I have a bit of an "off" question.

I bought a 96 Mustang GT to build with my Daughter (for her first car) a year ago, she's 13.. so I have time.. LOL. Finally ready to start on an engine for it (was a rolling chassis)....

Went to the yard Saturday, they said they had a couple of 4.6l Crown Vic engines there in some Police Cars... $400 for a rebuilder. So I jumped, we went out and of the 4 they had... the only "Complete" one (not picked apart with open holes exposed to the rain etc.) they had was an 07.

So I bought it, and came back after an hour with the trailer to grab it. The guy who pulled it said it looks like it was a replaement engine... based on how clean it is, and how easily it came apart.

after getting it home... I'd have to agree. Damn thing is clean as hell, exhaust bolts came off with little to no issue, manifold bolts came right out... popped a valve cover and there's almost NO wear on the cam lobes.... Almost NO carbon build up in the exhaust ports, stickers on the block/covers are all there and not faded (even on the heads), etc.

So I'm thinking I scored... Looks like they replaced the engine, shortly before the cop totalled the car.

But I'm wondering if anybody knows a way to run the numbers off of the block, what to look for, to verify if this was a factory installed engine or a replacement??

i would think its only 5 years old so it shouldnt look too bad. thats my opinion
Most of the time on a freeze plug there is a heat tab to show the manufacture that the engine overheated so it will void the warranty. A lot of times there's a manufacturers name on it....