way too much turbo lag


turbo swimmer
Mar 2, 2003
i finally got my new turbo put in (stock size), it has no shaft play and spins free, everything is right on it. it still spools just as slow as my old one, and it was in BAD shape. it still has a d5 and stock headers so it shouldn't have much lag at all. it feels like i'm trying to spool up a huge 70 something turbo. from a dead stop it probably takes 2-3 seconds to spool up to 15# if the wheels don't spin. is that normal, i can't imagine it being that slow. I am planing on trading my stock exhaust for a atr 3" ss with a 3" thdp, i'm sure that will help but it should be better than what it is, right?
Do you have a cat on your car? If so then I would expect it to be plugged since you had a turbo "in bad shape" that I am assuming was leaking oil. Time to get a test pipe if you still do have the cat.
hum... one of the headers is cracked, i've never seen the crack but i can hear it, and feel a slight bit of air from it. i dont' think its enough to cause a huge problem but could contirbute to it. i'll have to check all my headers. if i need to replace them, i have a spare set of stock headers setting around.... :( i dont' want to go though all that work...
its running a little rich right now. so i go into the carb and turn the screw in:D...

but seriously how do i go about leaning it out? yet another thing i don't get about fuel injected cars...
I didn't see one in your sig (not listed in mine either), but you should definitely invest in an adjustable fuel pressure regulator. Then you could lean it out by dropping the fuel pressure a little at a time. :cool:
Originally posted by denn454
i dont' want to go though all that work...

Better sell your car then... :D

Seriously, it's not that big of a deal. Drivers side takes all of 15min, passenger side maybe 30.

Getting them back on is the only pain, and that's just the crossover. Do it enough, you'll be fast at it.
I'm not an expert but at our altitude in Colorado you might need to go with a little looser than stock converter. My TA-49 was a dog off the line before I put a looser converter on the car. Some of our local experts recommended that to me so it might be something you want to check into.

no doubt the altitude contributes to it, the car runs horrible untill the turbo spools up, all cars up here run bad, just the way it is.

i do have a fuel press. regulator, its at 38# at idle right now, i haven't ever played with it since i got the car (from alabama). guess its time to start tinkering with it.

I'd really like to get a looser tc, but funds are kind of limited. but that is the next big thing i have planed for it.

i'm sure it wouldn't be a huge deal to take out the headers, if the bolts weren't rusted on:mad: it took me almost an hour to take off the 3 little bolts that hold the tubo on. i couldnt' get an impact, or even a long ratchet to them, but still it was a b word to get out. i might spray it down with some wd40 a few times a day untill this weekend and then goof with it.