WB Sensor Location in the Test Pipe


Set on TSM Boost
Jan 2, 2007
Anyone have any thoughts on installing the WB sensor the test pipe? Is that to far down stream? I didn't really want to drill the downpipe unless it is the optimal location.
when my car had a lc-1 on it i installed the sensor in the test pipe. ran it like that for a year or 2. my brother has had his in the test pipe about 4 or 5 years now i think. Runs great never had a issue and reads correctly. The reason i installed it in the test pipe was the same reason as you. I didn't want to drill his nice TH downpipe. So now worries with it installed in the test pipe.
If the joint is welded it would be ok and as far up stream from the rear flange connection.
Didn't think about a leak between the test pipe and downpipe. I guess I could put a band clamp there to make a air tight connection.
A band clamp will work. It will take a big leak for it to read wrong. Mine was pretty close to the cutout and when I ran open exhaust it was still accurate