WE4 stolen


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Local friend of club WE4 stolen.
This car was originally Dave Carlisle's car
1987 Buick Regal WE4.
Black Turbo "T" with black out trim & bumpers. Only 1547 made.
Stolen on Saturday 9/12 between 8:15 & 8:45 PM, from Major's Sports bar, Inver Grove
VIN # 1G4GJ1170HP433524
Owner Don Madland. Ph 612-867-6254.
This car has only 36000 mi and had some after-market parts. If anybody becomes aware of suspicious parts becoming available please contact Don Madland, the Inver Grove police or a club officer.
What a crap feeling coming out to see your car is no longer there. I've been there and wish no one that experience. Good luck.
And so what happened next?
I always read these horror stories (why - I do not know since it freaks me out so badly) and am always hoping for either a happy ending or at least justice with extreme predjuduce
Question, if looking for a Turbo Buick and have the vin#, is this a thread to post it on if searching for a specific car once owned? i tried a vin search site in the past and it was more advertising than actual results and would really like to locate this car. Thank you