weich timing set?


can i used regular new timing gear and chain or do you recomend double roller? are these engines known for braking chains at around 20psi

and if so who should i buy them from if not im gonna get good quality auto parts

and are the N/A 3.8 have the same chains and gear part numbers?
If you're running a flat tappet cam you should be good with a gm timing set. If your go to a roller cam I would go with a double roller. If you do go double roller DO NOT use the tensioner/damper! Lastly no our cars don't break sets over 20 psi. That's one those import deals that probably has more to do with people not installing belts right and/or spinning the engines faster that the belts can handle.
yea i dont deal with cheap parts weather its customers or my own personal car i dont even install the cheap parts they bring me because its not worth my head ache when they come back

so i have a good chain coming and metal gears and new tensioner
same time im doing the oil return line braided feed line new water pump and cleaning out the intercooler and other suggestions to be done while **** is out?
I recomment stock style with metal rather than plastic gear for a DD & slightly modified. The stock style will outlast the double roller.