Weight of fiberglass parts?


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Apr 5, 2005
I searched and couldnt really find anything. I was thinking of putting fiberglass bumpers on my WE4 and was wondering how much weight it would remove both front and rear. I would be re-installing the rubber strips on both.

Next is, how much does the glass hood and trunk remove? Thanks alot.
Personally, I would keep the stock steel bumpers and ditch all the weight behind it. It will at least do something on impact where the fiberglass will be useless.

I have cut the rear bracing to the point where I used it as a way to hold the bumper to the support brackets. I also went aluminum brackets to ditch even more weight.

The front bumper has a Canadian brace mod that will shave off a bunch of weight and keep the stock steel shell.

Here is some of my info on body parts

Additional Body Parts
Stock Front Supports = 4 1/2 lbs each = 9lbs total
Aluminum Front Supports = 1/2 lb each = 1lb total
Canada Mounting Braces = 3lbs each = 6lbs total
Stock Front Bumper = 27lbs
Stock Front Brace = 27lbs
Aluminum Shims = 1/2lb each = 1lb total
Stock Rear Bumper Supports = 4lbs each = 8lbs total
Aluminum Rear Bumper Supports = 1lb each = 2lbs total
Stock Rear Bumper = 24 1/2 lbs
Chopped up rear Bracing 4 holes away = 23 1/4 lbs
Left over Steel Mounting Braces = 5 1/4lbs each = 10 1/2 total
Left over rear bolts = 1/2 lbs
Hollow FBody swaybar: = 14 1/2 lbs
Im probably going to go with the entire glass bumper and ditch everything metal behind it. The car is rarely street driven and even more rarely track driven. After i run it i may take them back off and re-sell em and install the stockers. I was looking to get 200 lbs from the bumpers, hood, and trunk. I want to get down to 3100 or less lbs. Im at 3460 now.