Weight Transfer question?


May 24, 2001
If I took 100 pds off the rear, would it make a big difference traction wise??? I am looking to put a lexan back hatch glass. Good idea or not good idea?

As far as getting or not-getting TRACTION, I doubt it. I hate lexan windows since they scratch and look like crap after a while. But if it's a race car, do it. It can only help if the suspension is tuned correctly.;)

Its actually daily driven in the Summer??? Guess its not a good idea? Manufacturer saying a coating will help with scratching. What does it look like after awhile?

Imagine smudge marks from people wiping there hands all over your windshield. The glass will have a dull haze and a white glare when the sun hits it. This is what it looks like. It just will never look clear. It may be bullet proof but it's not scratch proof. At the very least get the coated lexan. A buddy has some lexan for his windshield (race car) and the day he trailered it to the track got the window covered in dust. He just wiped it off with a dry towell and scratched it all up.

Back window would be better, but, IMO, I don't think the weight difference is worth it..

Good Luck..