Weird power antenna problem

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Mark Hueffman - Owner
May 25, 2001
Went out to the garage this morning and hear a strange buzzing sound. Was coming from my GN! Went over to the car and the noise was coming from the power antenna area. Of course the key is not on and have no idea how long it was doing this. Battery voltage was about 13V so it must have just started. While I was taking the column guard off the car it stopped.

Then it started doing it again. I have the Kirban antenna saver and tried switching it off and it still kept running. Same thing with the radio completely off. Would keep running and then after a few minutes would shut off again.

I ended up just disconnecting the battery since I was running late for work. Where is the plug to completely disconnect the antenna? Mostly listen to CD's anyway.:D
Sounds like the mast cable broke. There is a connector located on the right inner fender close to your heater box that goes to your antenna. Just unplug it.
Try the antenna...if it doesn't go up...the cable is broken can get a new antenna...expensive...or get a repair kit from and easy to do...
Unplugged the connector but the antenna still runs. Anyone got a pic of where it is? Maybe I pulled the wrong one? It had 3 wires, red blue and black and was in back of the heater box right near the fender.
Nevermind, found the plug. First thing that ever broke on my 27K GN. Guess I will be burning a bunch of CD's to listen to.:)
my brother also had this problem on a ttype with 14k. cant believe gm made suck a POS antenna.
when mine did that, it was only in the down position. I disconnected the connector while the antenna was up. radio still works but mast is no longer under power. chased this voltage drain forever. TBwebsite figured it out for me.
the relay is in the pass kick above the computer,drop glove box down and you will see it.the center section is made out of good ole plastic.