weird prob. with 9/11


Nov 5, 2005
So today i finally was getting ready to drop in my new engine and tranny. i decided to bolt them together and found that the bellhousing wasnt fully mating with the block. then i tried to spin the T.C. (billet 9-11) and it was jammed up. ( ive changed a ton of converters and know how to seat it in the tranny. so i pulled them back apart and found out the there is a small circular protrution from the center of the converter that faces the flexplate. well i suppose it should sit inside the crank. but lucky me the inside diameter of the crank is like .2in smaller. anyone every run into this. BTW it is a BMS crank. guess its time to call dusty...

THanks steve
The TC's Pilot O.D. measurement should be 1.700" to 1.703"
Not sure about the Crank's diamension.
You have a pretty common problem with some of the BMS cranks. Some of the aftermarket cranks like Crower have been an issue as well. The crank pilot isn't machined all the way out to spec. Easiest fix is to have a machine shop cut the converter pilot down to fit your crank measurement.
Cool Ill do that first, before i get a ptc. (who knows how long the 200 will hold up for, might need a 400).

thanks guys