Weird shift.



Have a question about WOT shifting, under normal throttle it shifts ok, but when I floor it, it gets close to the shift point and then feels like the tranny either slips or disappears for a second or 2 (engine rpm's jump) and then it shifts ok, does it from 1-2 and 2-3, only happens under WOT. Had to remove the stock dipstick and put in a Lokar flexible for the 2004R (as they called it) and have it filled right to the line when hot. Does this sound like a low fluid problem (will it hurt it if I add half a quart at a time to test it) or could it be a mechanical problem. Thanks for any help.:)
350TH Trans....

Why don't you use the 350 BOP Trans.. he he... :D

Or we could go string up Dave by the pinky toe.:eek:

Talk to you tomorrow~Scott
Put another quart in and see what happens. I believe if too overfull it will just push some out the vent. Maybe change filter if you haven`t already.

Ha Ha very funny Mr. Slo:rolleyes: You put in the 350 and I'll cut off the mufflers:D Thanks Jim, I'm trying that, only in 1/2 qt increments. Have only added 1/2 qt so far, no difference. Will try more tomorrow. Changed the filter & fluid last week because of a govorner spring problem.
Hybrid, I to just replaced my gov. spring and my 1-2 wot shift felt strange, kinda slipped into 2nd. But after a day or two on the highway, the problem went away.My tranny hits hard as ever
Give it sometime on the road before you drop the pan;)
Good Luck, Dave