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Welcome to Syclone & Typhoon Tech Forum

This board, as you know, is called TurboBuick.com. "What does this have to do with Syclones, Typhoons, F-Bodies, Impala SS, Corvettes and LS-1's?", you are probably asking yourself. Well, I guess we should look at what Turbobuick means. Literally, it means this "grandpa" car on steroids is about to eat your lunch, are you sure you want to race? Do you really know what you are doing? :)

But TurboBuick has transcended this over they years. TurboBuick stands for a group of people with class and respect to each other. I was asked to help in a forum taking care of a sister GM Frankenstein project of the TurboBuicks called Syclones and Typhoons which then bleeds into F-bodies, Impala SS, LS-1's and Corvettes in some areas and thus isn't limited to just Syclones and Typhoons.

With the quality of people already existing on this list, helping this forum shouldn’t be to tough. I can help with Transmission Tech for the vehicles listed above. 4L60, 4L60E and 4L80E's mainly as well as the non overdrive transmissions. I know a lot of information in other areas as well, but there are people on this list that have a lot more knowledge than I do about these areas so I'll leave this these to them, and I'll help anyway I can.

I'm writing this short blurb to explain why this was added to TurboBuicks. I just threw this up for now so I could have a little time to write a charter to this forum. I hope you enjoy this forum and find it helpful. Thank you!
Originally posted by nightdiver
Brian did you finish the full automatic transmission brake we talked about ?

No, I've been working on more special hard parts for the 4L60/4L60E's. I'm planning on transbrakes for the 4L60E and 4L80E as well. I'll keep everyone posted on the new products once we make them available. Lot's of cool stuff to come.

Take care,
How far can i go with the 700r4 ?
I just got the Pontiac top end with a T78...it will take a few months to make it work, and i also ordered a bowtie block.
Next years project with a stroker shaft etc......
Im asking cause i have two builted transmissions( from me) with goodies that wont take me over the 800 hp mark
Yeah i know "get a 400":D
sy/ty scanmaster

well maybe now we can get a scanmaster built for these since we have so much buick pull.anyone else here also have a sy or ty that may find it benifical to have vs a laptop?
Real nice island,ive been there 3-4 times with my Dakota:rolleyes:
Ill visit Hios this summer with my kids & wife
Email when you come here
All in the turbo family!!!

I wanted a Syclone (Black) when it first came out! One of the car magazines tested the Syclone and if I remember right it was in the low 13's. I didn't have the money when the Syclone came out but I managed to get a low mileage 87 GN in the end!!! Welcome to the family!!!
Well Dan...you are invited to help in the forum and I hope you do but if you want to stay strictly Buick, don't come to this section. Simple as that. PTS owns TurboBuick.com. Bruce and HHP Racing joined forces to support the communities and that is what we are doing. I was asked to moderate the General GM performance section that might be heavy in SyTy's, F/B bodies, Corvettes, etc. This is the section that people can post to when there is a question about maybe being off topic or about another high performance GM vehicle (Some people actually have another car if they have a Buick :) ) and instead of having a bunch of people jump on them, they can ask a board they trust instead of jumping to another site that might have questionable information or member behaviors.
Re: I don't Agree.... my opinion

Originally posted by darkfa8
This is TurboBuicks.com, for Turbo Buicks and related vehicles equipped with the Turbo V6 engine in its production form or Buick Motorsports performance parts derivatives.

The Sy/Tys are not in any way Buicks, nor do they even share anything in common intake-wise, engine-wise or ECM-wise.

There are plenty of Sy/Ty specific dedicated sites, with their own share of well respected gurus to dispense knowledge, advise and support their enthusiast group.

If this is going to be the way of the future of this board then I'm really dissapointed. There are enough problems here about going off topic, how many other car/truck makes/models do you want to add here? How about Skylines? Supras? Starion/Conquests? Hey, they're all related to the Buick.. they have a turbo...

a Turbo Buick is not GMC Syclone or Typhoon.

...and TurboBuicks.com isn't the place I'd go to look for Sy/Ty information.

I have a lot of friends in the Sy/Ty community. Great people, well, most of them, not all... reminds me of the Turbo Buick crowd though. Morgan and Eric's board seems to be running well, does the Sy/Ty community really need another message board to register too?

I hang out with Morgan a lot and have been to the Sy/Ty nats, have hung out with the Canadian guys, Humblias, Big Ed, Green and other noteables...I'm in-tune with the vast majority of BS that goes on in your community. BS happens here too, do you really want to mix all of that in one place? You got babies in the Sy/Ty community, babies in the Buick community, might as well have turbobuicknursery.com ;)

Keep TurboBuick.com about Turbo Buicks, not GM Turbo-Anything.

I'm a member over on TurboBuicks.com, at least they're keeping things in perspective and on focus.;)

oh, and one more thing.. Turbo Buick means: a General Motors produced Buick automobile with a Turbocharged engine.... it ain't rocket science or Lit 400..... and the sc'ed 3800 slip in since they are Buick engines revised and are forced induction.

dude, shut the **** up :rolleyes: dont you have anything better to do? :p
morgan, whats up dog!!!!!!! i think this guy thinks we will take over this board and ruin the entire buick purity he has come to know and love. bahhahahaha. geah.
Hi everyone,
I think having a Sy/Ty section is a great idea, it's not like we have the whole message board to use, just this little section. This is my first post, and I am glad I can relate to something on here at this time. I plan on getting a GN or T-Type one day soon anyways, along with my Sy... so this would be something like one stop shopping for me LOL.
Nice to see Brian H. here, too, he's got a very good rep. from all the Sy/Ty guys I know :)
Hi Morgan!
dude, shut the **** up dont you have anything better to do?

This is the type of talk we try to avoid on this board.:mad:

Do you only want pats on the back or do you want as many of the board members opinions as possible, good or bad???

I know alot of board members will be gone if they will be spoken to like this for voicing their opinion.
Morgan and Dan are friends. If it was mean spirited, I would of moderated it. I keep a close eye on things so it doesn't turn into what I've seen other boards turn into.
Originally posted by GNSCOTT
This is the type of talk we try to avoid on this board.:mad:

Do you only want pats on the back or do you want as many of the board members opinions as possible, good or bad???

I know alot of board members will be gone if they will be spoken to like this for voicing their opinion.
then dont read my posts :D

I also dont want anything from this board, but thanks :D

Brian explained it correctly and they are/were buddies. It was meant in a different light.
The thing I found hilarious is the fact that as I was reading it , I was thinking THE EXACT same thing as Morgan!!!!!!!!:D
Right on dude, Thanks Morgan......

Again, Brian keeps his cool, makes the correct decision and you guys are welcome to visit and participate anytime. :)


BTW DAN!!!!!! ARE YOU LOST?????????
This is TURBOBUICK.com
Go back and read your thread Edit please.
THAT there is cause ALONE for banning from the board :D