Well that sucks.


Believe nothing you hear and half of what you see.
Dec 9, 2002
Temps this morning -13. Winds have died down at least. Tomorrow it's going to in the 40s. Winter in NE is such fun.
It's a real bitch here, too.🖕😁
Yesterday, 42 to start and 55 in the afternoon.
Today, 32 to start 50 this afternoon, sunny.
Got yard work to do. I guess I best get started before it gets too hot.... Like in the 80's next month! 😅
Yeah, it was chilly earlier this week, about mid 60s Brrrrrrr!
70s later on in the week, and 76 saturday (yesterday). Worked on my motor all day, in the sunshine out in the driveway. As I was finishing the externals I found out Cometic rocker gaskets are:
DON'T FIT T/A rocker covers!
Too big all around and the tab registers are off a bit! I spent a half an hour on the tabs before I realized they are about .045 to .060 too big all around,, everywhere!
I wondered who fubared this deal, so I made 14 fone calls and netted a Fel-Pro set at the NAPA warehouse. Those fit perfectly. Everywhere.
Just putting brackets and stuff on now.
Enjoy your Weather, back there!
That's why I moved to Phoenix,AZ. Years ago! It gets hot here in the daytime summer, but is real nice when the sun goes down!
With 5% humidity in the summer and most of the year, ya gotta be on yer game when tuning! But we race year round! So we have lots of time to figure it out.
If we want snow, just an hour or two trip up the mountain and we have it. Snow skiing in the morning in the mountains, and water skiing down here!
Regards, all!
Pic was taken out the driveway of an open air dinner and dance place we frequent. Just had dinner and dancing before we left. Outside. Living here sucks, don't come.....
It was 47* this afternoon. Even got my hair cut out on the front porch.
Turned out to be a cash cow sprinkler heads blowing everywhere.. they can't fix em without us disconnecting the fire alarm system
It was 47* this afternoon. Even got my hair cut out on the front porch.
50 on the front porch , felt warmer with the sun shining and no wind , just wearing sun glasses and a sweat shirt !