WG Rod length


Automotively bi-curious
Feb 6, 2002
Hey all,

Can anyone tell me real quick how long the wg rod should be STOCK? Also, where should I measure it at? Just installed the new TE 44 and I must have extended the rod too long when hooking it up to my stock elbow, now the car won't boost :) Imagine that! LOL! I use (for the time being) an external boost controller in the car that is basically a knob that adjusts boost. It works fine, so I want to get the wg rod to the stock length so I can start tuning this thing.

5.25 inchs from the center of the hole to the face of the actuator, with the rod disconnected.

Every .050" less than this is approximately 1 psi of boost.
I measured slightly different values last time I had my actuator out.

Length from base to tip of rod = 5 3/16" .
Length from base to center of hole = 4 15/16”