what aftermarket shifter to go with


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May 29, 2003
i am tired of the loose stock shifter and what something more solid, what shifter do i go with and what would be the easiest to install. thanks
on the Megashifter, you use their trim plate....looks just fine...some mods underneath
what megashifter kit do i get. the universal one. i have a megashifter from my 78 camaro that has the boot and cable what else do i need
universal kit....get the heavy duty cable (separate item)

the one that comes with the kit is a puny thing that will fail very soon
The Quicksilver fits under the console and other than the knob, could be mistaken for stock in a glance. There's some pics in the sig link. There are many threads on this topic. Do a search and you'll see lots of pics. I've seen Woody's Mega and it looks good to me as well.