What car cover do you like?


Oct 28, 2003
I recently bought an El Cheapo albeit heavy duty cover at the local parts store. It works fine for keeping dust and the cat off the car in the garage, but it leaves fine scratches in the paint. I am looking for a good cover suitable for indoor use and gentle enough on my paint job. Any suggestions?
Covercraft .... they make a bunch of different ones. If the cover is only going to be used indoors, you don't need one as durable and waterproof like their "Noah" brand.

Do a web search on them... lots of places sell them now, prices are pretty consistent.
I have a covercraft too. It's one of their expensive ones, the Weathershield fabric. I like it. You probably won't need that fabric for indoor storage, but check out what others they offer. It fits real nice, couldn't be happier with it.
I asked about cheap indoor car covers awhile back and got a lot of responses that may give you more info on different brands:

Car Cover Info
California Car Cover
Plushweave fabric has a nice flannel under lining.
About $ 160 , I think.
I,m with strikeeagle. One of my favorite quotes is "dirt is a protectant!" I want to be able to SEE what I'm working for.:D
I think he realized the downside of buying cheap covers - they can cause more harm than good. The better ones will have an inside layer to protect the paint while still allowing air to circulate. You sure don't want to cover a car in something that reduces air circulation for any period of time.

What's the cost of a car cover vs. repaint?
California car covers. I got a dustop for the gn that never sits outside and a noah for the cobra that barely ever sits outside. They were about $175 a piece.
I use a Covercraft Noah cover from www.covercraft.com. I store my car outside during winter here in Massachusetts and it blocks water and snow but stil breathes. Great cover... i wasted my money on a few different auto zone specials before this one. Dosn't blow off either when you use the locking cable.
I have a covercraft its a nice cover but does anyone else have problems when it rains, after you take the cover off it leaves a dusty residue.
Yes, same thing happens. As it wears it will get worse, but have you ever tried washing the cover? You'll probably need to go to the laundromat and get a nice big industrial size washer.
Hey don't forget about the GCM dyno day coming up in Mobile. You're welcome to sign up when a date is set. It would be a good chance to meet some folks and get your car dynoed.

Yeah James, I'm just waiting for the date. I check GCM at least once a day. How's the GN? I talked to Michael the other day and he said you bought a T-type.:) Keep me posted!