what could cause this problem???


Breaking parts
May 28, 2001
ok i have a little prob with my new tranny....here is a little background. new tranny with kevlar bands, 10vane pump, shift kit, and some other stuff to hold up to some power. tranny shifts very early at WOT around 4200 in each gear. now the prob is this, when i first take the car out and drive it cold i can manual shift through the gears and each gera bang nice and hard i mean hard! as the car gets fully warmed up first to second knock your teeth out but the 2-3 shift hits soft but no slipping or anything just not hard like hwen its cold. i have a tranny cooler on the front of the radiator. now my radiatior is bad could it be getting so hot that the tranny cooler isnt helping at all? could the pump be a bad one?? could teh fact that it shifts early be a prob in firmness after warmup? thanks for any help