What damage could I have done?


Sep 6, 2003
Finally fixed my adj waist gate actuator today and I was taking the car out for a spin to see where the boost was. As soon as I got in the throttle the car shoots to 20psi and the I hear a loud pop! The rpm's drop from 4k to 1k almost instantly and the car continues running farily well. As soon as i pull over I realized that I didn't put the vac line on the actuator when I put it back in. I was only about 3 blocks from the house so I limped it home. The car ran fine but had a terrible hesitation. I was watching the temp and oil pressure the whole way and everything was fine. After I got home I discovered the the up pipe had blown off. I got everything hooked back up and the car seem to run well. Coolant level is normal as is the oil. Did the up-pipe blowing off prevent any damage to the motor? The engine has 144k on it and has never been opened. I will be replacing the vavle springs and timing chain next weekend. Should I go again and do the headgaskets?
It's O.K., the "fuse" just blew:D. Really, that has probably happened to most of us at one time or another and I've personally not hurt one yet. They sure run like crap when the pipe blows off though, don't they?
one time i was running my car on the highway up to 130 mph and my up pipe blew off...that was my first time...i thought the motor had blown up...i pulled over and expected the worst...needless to say i had the BIGGEST sigh of relief and i even had a flat screw driver on me!:D
First time it happened to me I just knew my car was toast!!Pulled over and put it back on using a quarter and pocket knife as a screwdriver.Everything is probaly ok.Reattach and drive , that will tell you for sure.
Don't tell anybody, but when TTA89's up pipe blew off, he called a wrecker and had his car towed home.

True story.
I was in Bowling Green, with Jeremy as passenger running the video camera and I got on it and all of a sudden BOOM and the GN lost all power. The look on my face :eek: thought I just blew a headgasket, but turned out to be a hose came off. Jeremy put it back on and we were on our way.
Tarey D.
Originally posted by UNGN
Don't tell anybody, but when TTA89's up pipe blew off, he called a wrecker and had his car towed home.

True story.

Ohh boy..talk bout some dirt :)

Buy the HD T-Bolt clamps, silicon hoses, and you wont pop them off anymore...If theyre tightned down correctly.

I test mine weekly at 27 PSI make sure they dont pop off..