What Did I Break?

Doug Jacobson

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May 24, 2001
Went to the track last night, and I'm looking for a few good guesses on what I broke in the tranny. My first run I rolled through the lights and redlighted. I proceded to build boost and launch anyway. I left at about 8 psi off the T-brake. The car ran great (118 mph) and it felt like a train hit me when it launched.

I let the car cool down and went back for another run without redlighting. All went well I staged I had 10 psi on the T-brake and went to launch on the 2nd yellow. As soon as I moved the shifter to D the car sailed to the redline and bounced of the rev-limiter until I was able to react. The car never moved any, maybe just rolled some. I didn't and still don't have any movement in the car at all. There was an were no strange noises, just engine reving freely. The tranny oil looks fine and It didn't and still hasn't leaked a drop of oil.

What could I have broke?
I just installed a Coan 10" convertor in the car and non-lock valve. All the tranny internals are stock except for a Mallander Tranny Brake, Art Carr shift kit, hardened stator support and the non-lock valve. Oh yeah the trans does have 133,000 miles on it too.

I plan on having the tranny out by the end of the weekend and would greatly appreciate any help in finding the problem.

Thanks, Doug J :confused:
Hey Doug, Congrats on the 118!! I'm SOOOOO jealous!!;)

I don't know that much about these trannies but on an old tranny of mine I spun the clutch drum on the splined shaft. The shaft was a press fit on the clutch drum and while driving around a corner the car shifted into second and then nothing, just as you're describing. It doesn't sound major at this point. Maybe Bruce will chime in and have an idea.

Time to update my Xmas list now!! 118?? GEEZZ!!! :D

Well it really was 118.73 mph if you want to be exact. :D I was super excited at the 118. I had the boost at 25 (by accident) and the timing at 21 deg. I can't wait to see what happens when I get the timing up where I want it! I just heard my roommate and a buddy are pulling the tranny out of it now, and here I sit BSing on mom and dads computer. Maybe I'll go back now, hopefully they'll have it out for me when I get home. :)

Later, Doug
Broke forward drum shaft, input shaft and or sprag lror broke front od planet

One of the three if not more than one.

OK here is what I found

Bruce, thanks for the input. Here is a little update.....

I tore the tranny down this afternoon. I pulled the pump out of it and that looked good. I then pulled the big snap ring out off the front cluch packs and pulled the planetary and input shaft assembly out. The shaft that splines into the back of the planetary drum is broke clean off! The piece that was still in the planetary had the splines just slightly twisted and then it was a clean break.

What is the proper name for this shaft so I can try to explain it to a friend of mine that manages a transmission shop and not sound like a mooron. Are there any hardened parts to install to prevent this in the future? I plan on having the trans rebuilt this winter by a shop that knows the 200R4 , but I want to have it fixed localy in the next week or so just so I can get it back to the track this year. I'll stay off the tranny brake until I have it rebuilt but for now I'd like to have it running so I can get that 11 second timeslip before the year is over.

Thanks again, Doug J
Input shaft. The one the snap ring goes on , right?

Yes they are available in billet

Bruce, it looks the $485 drum that you have on your site and not the input shaft. I pulled the pump off, the big retainer ring, backing plate and the cluch and 2 friction plate 3 seperator plate combination out. I was then able to pull the OD planetaries and inputshaft out of the trans. With all that out it was the splined shaft that I believe is the intermeate shaft to the forward clutch drum, right. I hope I explained that right.

Bruce, if it is the forward cluch drum/intermediate shaft assembly could you recomend a quality piece that I would be able to get locally? I plan on sending the trans off this winter to be reworked with all your good stuff but I would like to get a few more runs out of it this year.

Thanks again, Doug
No need to send trans out anywhere if all else is fine. Just install PTS_1 and away you go. you may want to install input shaft while your there for piece of mind.
Can ship Mon if desired. All orders are by phone only.

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I will trade a Billet drum for...
I am looking for a rear spoiler and ends. All three pieces. must be of #1 quality or new. And original GM.
I will give a PTS-1 and center support outright and pay freight.
$499.99 value.

One and One only