What do you do when you just what to punch a dude??


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Sep 27, 2006
I was sitting at my desk on this form looking for a fuel reg and in walks in a fellow that asks if the the car out front my shop is mine.
I say, yes. "this happens alot:D "
he asks to take a look and ofcorse i oblige and proceed out side.
he proceeds to tell me that he has just purchased a gn that was at a co-workers house not driven since 98' and he wanted to know what he needed to do to get it running right and fixed. He said that the only thing that was wrong was a dent in the fender.
Well we walk around my car and he looks and asks a bunch of ?s he says he wants it stock for resale value and i tell him that he on the right track and ask how long he's keeping the car .
"O i'm just fixing it to resell it.":eek:
he's a nice guy and seems really into the buicks and all so i'm ok with that, but i made the mistake of asking how much he paid for his 87 grand national with 53,000 on the clock with NO rust.

Well when he told me he paid $2000.00 :eek:
thats when wanted to punch him.:mad: it even came with new badges:eek:
some guys get all the luck:biggrin: mine needs more than that in body work:( "the guy before me had it didn't believe in"brace if your gonna race"
c pillers cracked to hell.

he's bringing it over after he gets it out of the body shop..
If its in the BS than maybe it was a POS 2grand car to start with.

I'd really like to punch those clowns that have the $2000 car and they think its worth $20,000.:mad:
Tell him he stole it, it was worth $4,000 and offer $5,000 for it on the spot. problem fixxed!