What does it take to run 110mph in street trim?


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May 25, 2001
It's been bugging me lately, I know my mph is prob down from where it belongs, that was my first time to the track with my previous combo (no tuning) and I wiped the cam the next week. I was able to pull that off with my old comp 206 flat tappet inn street trim. With a decent tune and the roller that is in there now, What do you think I'll be able to pull off in mph in street trim? I know my exhaust HAS to go. beside that do you think 110mph is possable?
I would like to try and pull it off without the Alchy. Believe me, it is on my list of things to do in the spring, but I'm wondering if I can do it without.
FWIW at Etown last Saturday my wifes blue T went 11.98@115.75 in street trim, meaning I drove it to the track with Nittos on, 3/4 tank of 116 (not normal street trim gas I know).

All this was thru the exhaust with the dump not open as Etown gets picky about open exhaust on. Car was in the low 12's all day at about 22-24psi.

Cars got a TA61, 009's,3 angle valve job, 10" 3200 stall LU Pats Conv, stock IC with Duttweiler neck, Jim Testa chip, stock cam and non turbo crank.

Sure your MPH will come up with some more track time and tuning.

Best of luck.
Define "street trim"? I run 113 mph thru the quarter with my car. I run on street tires (245/50-16 BFG KDWs), leave with 0 boost, run thru the exhaust, and drive the car there and leave the same way. About the only non-"street trim" I run is good gas (110 or 116 octane). Of course, my ETs suck with 60 fts in the 2.3 sec range and ETs in the low 13s.

My combo aside from the basics is TA49, 009s, T+ with Extender, big mouth stock intercooler, 206 cam.

With good tires and a hard launch I figure I'm a 12.1 - 12.2 car with the mph I'm running.
I would define street trim as through the exhaust (no cat), Drag Radials, and a tank of unleded 93-94 oct fuel. Pretty much how my GN sits 98% of the time. No alchy for now.
It's a lot easier to do on the stock motor and bolts ons with more boost rather than opening the motor for ported irons and flat aftermarket cams. :(

ALKY. is the answer for easily streetable cars on pump gas. :cool:

Drag radials as well are great tires if you can afford to change a Nitto type tire every 10K or so.

Just my .02.
Well, It's too late for me on the stock motor part. Since I went to a roller this time I shoulden't have any more cams to add to my collection of paper weights.

I'm all for alky, I just don't have it yet. ( the key word is "yet")

The Nitto life shoulden't be a problem since I only average about 5000 miles a year on this car.
there is no reason why you can't run 110 in pure street with 93 octane with that combo other than tha non mandrel exhaust you have in your sig
There is something wrong with your times Sleeper. For ported heads, roller, drags and a TE61 = 13.7??

It seems like you are switching to drags, this time is on street tires right? 275/60 Drags will drop you real close to low 12's if you cut a 1.7 from your 2.4.

Power plate, aftermarket IC, and alky are the missing pieces.
If you are not going alky, go MPE stock location or V2 FMIC bare minimum to get your mat temps as low as possible for pump gas.

72lbs and a TE61 do not line up. You need a GT 70 ;)
The times in my sig were in street trim. I went 12.9@110.3 on street tire and pump gas, my car is a hotair too. I had a TA49, ported irons and intake, 2.5"DP, Jay Carter 92 octane chip, 206 cam, small Spearco front mount, headers, and that's all I remember. Boost was around 13psi for most of the run but spiked to 18psi for a second or two and fell off to 10psi as I went through the traps. This was even through the catalytic convertor (the reason for the boost problems)

The 107mph was the same combo but with a TA64, 10psi, and no cat. What made me run it at such low boost that time was I had beat an LS1 in that trim on the street (I was broke and could only afford 87 octane) and figured that wasn't possible at such low boost and it was the bracket class at an F-body meet. The 107mph told me it was possible. Too bad I didn't get a second run with the boost turned up. It was really cool that a guy with a 9 second T-type came up and was impressed with my runs at low boost with an 84 GN.
Originally posted by JDSfastGN
there is no reason why you can't run 110 in pure street with 93 octane with that combo other than tha non mandrel exhaust you have in your sig

A 2" non mandrel exhaust will hurt. I went from a 2" non mandrel "mystery exhaust" to a 2.5" non mandrel ultraflow exhaust and picked up nearly 4 mph.

With ported heads and your mods 110 should be a snap. sounds like a track time/tuning issue.

Also 225 tires are 2.5" too short unless you are locking the converter.
NoCooler has gone 110 mph on DR's PEG LEG leaving on 0 vac with stock turbo-inj-I/C (Dutt neck)-D/P-hooker exhaust-pump fuel and alky. 9X11 helps I'm sure but you know the answers going to be tune-tune -tune.

12.3's and there is more in his car he just ran out of weather. (It snowed here yesterday.)
See sig,

I have a hand full of 110mph timeslips that are all in the low 13's running on cheap radials getting 2.0-2.3 60's. When I go to the track I show up on empty and add 5 gallons of 110 octane (final mix usually around 104-106) and go out on the track and lock the converter (orange stripe, stalls to 2700 leaving with 4-5psi).

BTW, we only have 91 octane at the pumps so we are already at a big disadvantage against the guys that can get 93-94, thats why I run some racegas.

Next time out I will be running ET-Streets and propane and should be able to get the same mph and totally kill my previous ET's. 12.0-12.4 is the immediate goal, 11.X will really make me happy.

With the mods you have, you just need some descent traction (DR's and 1.7-1.8 60') and a pretty good tune and you will easily be running mid-low 12's and 110+mph. Might want to run a little "Home Brew" toluene or xylene to give you some more octane.
Thanks guys, I figured I could do it, but wanted to check with those of you that have BTDT. As for that GT-70, that is in the WAY future plan, but I have to beef up the bottom end before I feel confident bolting that beast on. As I go I'm trying to only buy things once, hence the 72 lb injs.
I prob had a few more mph in it the night I ran since I completely forgot to lock the converter.
Anyway, both real tires and an exhaust are on my list for the spring.
As several of you said, I know I have some tuning to do.
If I can run a good number in street trim, I should be a blast with good gas, the timing and boost upped. Unfortunately that will quickly get me tossed out of Englishtown for not having a roll bar.:(