What front springs are you ls turbo guys running?


Im almost positive my car has the v6 springs in the front. The way the car sits now. The front air dam is 3 inches off the ground.

It was a track only car when I got it. Thats not going to work for the street. Was thinking of just v8 springs. Either sb or even the bb springs. I need to get the nose up on this thing. I would love to have coil overs on the front but after going way over the budget, I dont want to drop 600 on a set. Ill spend 60 for springs for now. lol
Im going to lower the rear a bit. Got it high to clear the 295/65s. I will tackle that later. If i put my 5.5 bs with just under a .5 inch spacer. they tuck up under fine. Just not liking the idea of a spacer.
Are you sure they aren't drop spindles installed?
If you find you have drop spindles I have a few sets of stock ones to even trade for.
Sorry. Didnt get an email there was a reply. Now that you mention it. . With me not having much experience with this. When I was under the car, I specifically seen the spindles looked way more beefy and not rusted as much as everything else. How do I tell if they are? Im assuming looking for part numbers or anything on it?
You look correct sir. I just looked all over them and found 2100 cast into them. Im the proud owner of beltech drop spindles it looks like. I want the front end lower but I'm afraid to even drive it on the streets. Its one thing after another. lol Im assuming the only way to get the front end up is taking these off and swapping them out? I dont want the front end way up. The springs are soft as hell though too. I put my 150 pounds on the front and it will go down prob 2 inches or better. It was a track only car when I got it. Hate taking off aftermarket stuff cause everytime I do. I see I paid to much for the dam thing. lol Would new springs bring it up much? I dont want to hit a pot hole and lose my coldside and oil pan. lol
How do I know if its the springs or shocks that are soft? The a arm points up quite a bit. I have approx 3/4 to 1 inch between the lower control arm snubber and frame.