What fuel pump are you running?


One Fast Buick
Feb 22, 2009
Hey everyone

I'm replacing the tank and pump on my car in a couple weeks, my tank has slight crack in it from a bad accident i got into awhile ago and i think my pump was hurt as well, and was wondering what kind of pump i should get that is comprable to the walbro 340? I'm not looking for anything crazy, just something that will be able to supply plenty of fuel for up to 500-600 hp. Thanks
There are hundreds of posts on this topic. Use the search function with the terms "walbro DW fuel pump", and many threads discussing fuel pumps will come up.

If you're serious about 500 to 600 HP, you are at the top end of what a single pump can supply. If you really think you will be shooting for those numbers, you might consider a double-pumper set up. Do another search with the terms "double pumper fuel" and you'll find lots of posts about those.

This topic has been absolutely beaten to death, so you should be able to get all of the opinions you need by doing a search.

Good luck,