What induction system do you currently have?

What induction system do you currently have?

  • Buick V6 - 2 barrel NA

    Votes: 1 4.8%
  • Buick V6 - 4 barrel NA

    Votes: 4 19.0%
  • Buick V6 - Draw-thru Carb/Turbo (factory style)

    Votes: 13 61.9%
  • Buick V6 - Blow-thru Turbo/Carb

    Votes: 1 4.8%
  • Pontiac 301T - Draw-thru Carb/Turbo (factory style)

    Votes: 2 9.5%
  • Other (please elaborate below)

    Votes: 0 0.0%

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Mine is all stock right now but I plan on a "few minor modifications" when I get my '81 Turbo T/A on the road :cool:
Buick V6 - Draw-thru Carb/Turbo (factory style).... That would be me :D I don't blow I suck :p
Rich any luck on finding out why you break up after 10 psi boost ?
Well, I would be in the 4brl n/a category right now.... My blow-through plans keep looking farther and farther away. However, I am planning to upgrade to 8445 ported (from stock '77 heads) with headers over the winter.........
Went from two to four barrel set up on my N/A application.

Feb 2002, my li' V-6 is going to the machine shop......030 bore, hypereutectic KB pistons, .010 crank cut, port-flowed, bigger intake valves, port-matched, balanced, shot peened...THE WORKS!!

270,000 K and I mean it! I got my moneys worth. Now for another 200,000 K. (I think Americans will be driving electric cars before I make that many miles). :D
Over sized turbo in a stock housing , machined out of course.
Holley 650 carb.

Freddie , I seen your post that you plan on rebuilding in feburary.

May I suggest getting forged pistons instead of hypereutectic pistons , any denotion they will crack. Get your self a good set of forged pistons then have the rotating assy balanced.

What you do is up to you , But alot of people with buick V6's had problems with hypereutectic pistons.
Originally posted by Ttype83
Rich any luck on finding out why you break up after 10 psi boost ?

It could be a number of things, one of which might be timing retard from some false knock I have during shifts. So, I need to tackle that problem first. I have a couple of things to try.

Once the salt hits the road, I think I will go back to driving my Lincoln LSC. The '83 was supposed to replace it, but I never sold it, so now it's a winter beater.
2-brl to 4-brl swap.rebuilt engine,bored 30 over.swapped peg leg from 2.40 to 3.08.barks em in 2nd and you can even feel the shift into 3rd at 65mph.gotta love it.:D
Stock draw through carb/turbo... a little tired at 180K miles. Almost done with the body work, drive train overhaul is next year.:D
RCI2990: Would you mind detailing your combo? I have done similar mods, even going to 3.73 gears, and am still a little un-impressed. maybe details on your ignition setup/settings, cam, etc.... ? Thanks!
650 Alky carb on a 12.1:1 4.1 for now. There's a 278 inch Stage2 in the basement that's going to get Kinsler fuel injection, but still no turbo. GB
jdub,it's all in the tuning of the carburetor.even though the primaries in the carb are computer controlled the secondaries are not.what you need to get is the rochester carb book by doug roe.it has some very interesting articles on how to make the carb really work.as for the ignition its stock right now,but i'm probably going to upgrade the ignition soon.how does your car run with the 3.73 gear.the only thing that would bother me with those gears is driving down the highway.i'm trying to find a posi rear with 3.42 gears but that easier said than done.i checked in a you pull it place in my state and found none.when i went to leave the place the guy said that people from new york come down and take them all and turn around and sell them for a arm and a leg.
Originally posted by fc227

May I suggest getting forged pistons instead of hypereutectic pistons , any denotion they will crack. Get your self a good set of forged pistons then have the rotating assy balanced.

What you do is up to you , But alot of people with buick V6's had problems with hypereutectic pistons.

Hey Thanks Fred, you're absolutely right.

I researched this website and alot of turbo owners trash hypereutectic pistons. Most negative feedbacks are about the ones made by Speed Pro. I've heard nothing bad yet about Kenne Bell's hypereutectic pistons.

One thing to keep in mind though; On page 104 of Pat Ganahl's excellant V-6 performance book he outlines the reason why turbo owners should use either stock turbo Buick pistons or the forged type. And it has all to do with detonation. Turbos run hotter so Buick made special pistons to allow for better heat expansion.

Lucky for me this does not apply to the N/A 3.8. Hypereutectic pistons are a sure fire bet on non-turbo applications. That is why I chose Kenne Bell's. Plus, the compression ratio will up from the sluggy stock 8:0, to a whopping 9.5-10.2 :eek: ! At least that is what they market them as....hopefully this is true. In any case it would still be a dramatic increase in power. :D

Thanks for looking out anyway Fred....alot of turbo dudes could only wish to have those track times that '80 Olds you got puts out. Keep wasting those ugly Rustangs and let them eat dirt! :D
factory draw for me .drivetrain that is ,still looking for a donor regal to put it in.in know hurry it will be snowing soon ,plus i'm going to rebuild the motor anyways this winter and hopefully have someting to put it in by then.i'm looking at a 83 regal now for five hundred bucks with a blowen motor,(it runs but knocking)and it's got a brand new trans in it three months ago which the kid spent 1200 on at a tranny shop,even though i don't want the trans(i have the 200-4r to put in ) it's got a turbo 350 in it which i could sell i guess.the rest of car is clean foe a 83 with full power options and the factory buick ralleys.if i do get this car I was thinking of putting the rebuilt turbo motor in with the 350 trans and stock rearend(what ever gear that may be,i'm sure it's crap)and see what the best E.T. i could muster up and then change componants.I'm not sure which i would change first the trans(200 4r) and see what that would do or the rearend (factory 3.42 non-posi)and see what that would do.I'm just curious how much differance it would really make at each change.I did something simular when i had my 82 sportcoupe.i rebuilt the motor and ran it with the factory set up it had witch was turbo 350 trans and 3.08 rear gears.it seem to run o.k. but when i went to the track it ran low 16's high 17's which i was not impressed with and higher boost just made it knock so i put a 3.73 rear from a monte ss in it and it definatley seem to get quicker but really couldn't take it to the track(norwalk which is 50 miles away)because with the 3.73 and a turbo 350 trans at 60 M.P.H. the motor was really working and 50 miles was to far for me but it did seem very quick then.so of course I pulled the trans and got a 200-4r(from a lesabre wagon)and put a shift kit in it and put it in,which by the way was a snap,the only thing you have to change was the crossmember(which i didn't do just moved mine back and drilled new holes)every thing else fits perfect.strangely the car acctually felt like it got slower,I mean i could drive it on the highway now with know prob. but with the first gear in the trans and 3.73's first gear was gone in a flash,which it seemed like the motor was just reving quick though the gears but just didn't seem to have that pulling feeling you get with the turbo just alot of revving.i never did get a chance to take it back to the track to see what it would have run,so this time i will test the car after each change and see what happens ,and if anyones interested i will keep you informed.
Heyyyy!! Where are the rest of you 301T guys?? :D I know that I am not the only one on this board :p .
Buick 3.8 NA V-6 with intake and carb from a 4.1 was all I could afford. When I get an extra $3000 me and Mr Bell are going on a shopping spree ;) Then I'm going the machine shop in Houston with some more dough and have it bored .30 and put in a turbo crank while I'm there. Already got the 200R4 and 3.42 posi installed.

God being poor sucks!

Jay Westfall
What Induction system....

I currently have the '81 factory 2bbl. NA system. Hopefully if Santa is really knowing all, the '80 factory 4bbl. draw-thru turbo setup I have will return to the road in the spring. Just waiting to see....:D
Hey audiowizard, here I am.............LOL
your not the only one, there are at least 2 of us, and a bunch of people who have "a friend of mine has one".

just to let any of you 301T guy know, there is a really cheap mod you can do to get cold air induction which really helped in my car.
take the 4 rivets out of the stock air cleaner neck, turn the air cleaner so the neck points to the scoop (remove the plastic plate that holds the lights) reattach the neck upside down so it is angled upwards and trim the end so it clears the firewall. This will allow you to draw the cold air from the scoop much like a cowl induction setup, and still looks almost factory. My ET jeans noticed a marked improvement (no hard times) and it will cost you about $1 for 4 rivets (got mine from work)