What is a PT-70?


Mar 7, 2012
I'm asking this because I thought I had a TE-66. 5 LTR KILLER and some research had picts that looked exactly like my turbo. It has the Garrett .55 A/R compressor housing with 4" inlet and 2 1/2" outlet to the intercooler. The hot-side is a Garrett .63 A/R. It seems I may have a 70 and not 66 turbo. Thanks.
A pt70 is a precision part number for a turbo with a t70 compressor. Back when they used that cover they likely all had 76p ex wheels. That compressor cover is very desirable. Unfortunately they machined the area in the cover where it sits on the back plate too much to make it useful for anything else on everyone I've seen. You can see this of you look up through the outlet. The diffuser area will be taken up quite a bit by the backplate. It's very probable that the excessive machining of the housing was due to the fact that the back plate wasnt designed for t series compressors. If they made a custom back plate back then the housing wouldn't need all that material removed. The t66 and t70 look very similar. Measuring the inducer will tell you what it is.