What Is Best Scanning Set-up


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May 24, 2001
i've been using a snap-on scanner for tunning but am thinking about the laptop deal but dont know exactly what i'll need for it.

it will be for an 87 ecm so is the laptop set-up the best way to go?

or should i be looking at something else?
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Everybody will have a different opinion, but..

My preference is ScanMaster 2 for everyday driving with TurboLink 2.13 with Boost Sensing for the track.

While Scanmasters recall function is limited (min / max only), I've found it just fine for driving around on the streets. You can scan most sensor values and keep up with what's happening under the hood.

When it comes time to run the number, the laptop based scan tool is a must. You can record all sensor values in relation to one another and replay them time and again. I just don't think min / max is sufficient at the track.

Just my O2mV
I run the same setup as Lance and I am very happy with it. I wouldn't do without the TL boost sensing at the track. Although the faster I go the less frames of data I am getting at the end of the run. ;)

Hopefully Ken comes out with the fast update patch soon.
so is there a way to have boost sensing with a laptop?

i want to go with something i can get the most data..

i kinda like the laptop deal because i could put the data in my computer and study it and try and find better tunning methods

can someone list what all the plusses and negotives of scanmaster 2 v/s the laptop ??

and what do i need to hook a laptop up ? t-link ?

im really dumb on the scan tools so any help at all would be great i know how to read the data just havent had no tool other than my snap-on scanner...

id like to buy (the good stuff) to start with... thanks guys/gals
thats almost advertizing....:eek:

but thanks for the link to your stuff thats just what i was looking for..:)
Originally posted by REDS HOT AIR
thats almost advertizing....:eek:

:confused: Really? Hmmm... it's been quoted in several newsletters and other sources as being pretty unbiased. I certainly tried, and even had Chu Engineering look it over ... Kent liked it.

Oh well... just trying to help...
hope you didnt take that wrong..

you gave me just what i was looking for and soon as i finish loosing all my centz on parts to finish the motor for my car which shouldnt be much longer if i have any sence you will probly be getting two orders from me and my buddy

thanks again......RED