what is going on with this car


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Jun 11, 2001
I have tryed every thing and can not find the problem this car is making me get very ----------- . I rebuild the engine and put it back in and it want start . I anyone can helpit would be great , and i know i am a pain but just want to drive my car and get it to the track before they close.If any one knows what it could be i'll just have to go buy the part and see if it works.

The test that buick from hell gave me is on the other post of mine on the 2nd page , that is the volts that i got when i did the test.

some one please help its taking for ever ,and i still dont know whats going on. :mad:
Crazy, I'm at work right now, I'll try to get on when I get home--BUT, I noticed in the other thread that while you were probing the cam sensor, it momentarily fired, is this correct??? If so, I think you narrowed down the problem! Not sure why it fired while it was unplugged, unless your volt meter faked out the ECM, which I assume IS possible!

It sounds like the cam sensor is either set out of whack, or is not working! I'll get into this more later!
Crazy, I'm going to concentrate on the cam sensor, I think it's the problem! Because MY car is dead, I don't have a "frame of reference" anymore, which sucks! But we'll try anyway!

First of all, your voltmeter--a NEEDLE type will make this much easier than a digital type! The reason is you need to watch the needle "swing" (or NOT swing) when testing! A digital voltmeter won't react fast enough!

All you need to do, is LEAVE THE SENSOR PLUG ATTACHED, and probe the "B" (center) wire. If you have to, sharpen the tip of the probe and "stab" the wire thru the insulation! (this is easier than getting it to reach into the plug)

Now, while you're stabbing the "B" wire and watching the needle, have your wife crank over the engine. What SHOULD happen, is ONCE every 2 engine revolutions, the needle should "swing"! This indicates the cam sensor switch is opening and closing. Now, because I don't have my "test mule", I'm not sure if the volts will swing from high to low, or from low to high...but it doesn't really matter! The meter will "swing" if the cam sensor is okay!

If it DOESN'T swing, it's about a 90% chance the sensor is bad! (other problems could be a bad ground or loose connection on a plug somewhere)

Now, if it DOES swing, CAM SENSOR IS FINE!!!

Because you engine fired once, it seems the crank sensor MUST be okay!

QUESTION!!! When it DID fire that one time, did the engine die by itself, or did YOU shut it off! (this may be important!)

ALSO---if you CANT use a NEEDLE type voltmeter, we can test the slow way...

Let us know!
hey crazy car while your there stap the oter two wires on the sensor one should show voltage the other shouldnt then take the possitive side of your meter and hook it to possitive on car either at the battery or back of alt and stap the wire that didnt show voltage before and see if it shows full voltage on the meter if not then the sensor dont have a ground..

make sure you didnt miss any ground wires or none broke loose from the terminals at the bottom of the ac bracket and the two grounds at dr. side rear of motor one comes from firewall and one comes out of the harness.

after that if nothing start diggin..

and hurry up shootout is comming.
im trying if i get mine running by next weekend it will give me one week to tryout new motor before shootout.

if you have voltage on one wire to sensor and a ground on the other and it dont be swinging.:D on the middle wire then let me know and i'll mail ya mine to try out

later buddy.....REDS COOL air ;)
I had a similar problem when I put my motor back in. I had a crank and no spark. I found that I had forgot to tighten the nut down for the ecm grounds. Tightened it down and then it started right up. Hope this helps.
Ok first i am not sure if the car shut off or the wife shut it off, that sucks . I did go out and prob the b- wire on the cam sensor and tryed to start the car but nothing. I am going to go check it some more and check some grounds out to. Where is the ecm ground .Idid do the test , every thing looked good but the sensors kinda crazy

thanks guys i'll be back in a little

Ok guys i have no clue what iam do but i tryed to test the b-wire again and turn the key and the meter stays iam getting volts but there is no drop to it when turned over. This is what i don't get is i get 7 volts from the lite blue B- wire from the module to the cam sensor plug when i turn the key on, but when i plug the cam sensor in and test the b- wire on the other side of the plug [ the cam sensor side] i get no volts is the plug bad . As soon as i plug the cam sensor in i get no volts in the blue wire to the module , is this a short in the cam sensor.

:mad: :confused:
is there a way to check the cam sensor cap and can you just buy the cap ,the sensor is 120.00 this sucks. thats alot of money to spend if its not the sensor.:eek:
i saw somewere aybe postons that sell just the soser without havinn to buy the whol housing..

i could send you mine but if i sent it moday over night it would still set you back till tuesday......cars suck..:p
man reading my post above this one it sure looks like i've been tippin the bottle...weird since i dont drink

i think i meant chech postons. better yet tow the car down here and lets get that thing runnin...
When i test the cam sensor cap and i prob the black and the blue should i get any thing , its like there is a short with a few of the wires.