what is the fuel pressure rating of a tta and a grand national


Aug 19, 2008
curious to know what the furl pressure ratings for the tta and the gnx are,i heard that they are rated different than the grand national.
Yes, The TTA and GNX received fuel pressure regulators with a 237 ending part number. The pressure with this regulator was about 37 psi with the vacuum line disconected. The GN's & T's had a 233 regulator which was about 34 psi. Most people run and adjustable unit set about 43 psi. I think most aftermarket chips want to see 43 psi.
thanks was just curious because i saw one forsale,and they said it was from a tta,they also said they have the tta intercooler with a larger neck inlet.
so would buying the tta regulator be worth the it,only change i have done so far,besides a complete oil change,is replace the stock exhaust with a torque tech 3inch catback
exhaust and a 2 1/2 inch hi flo cat,having my fuel pump replaced next week.