What new radio


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Apr 22, 2003
Want a new radio and cd but don't know what to choose since they are a bunch to choose from . What I want is something that does not require a lot of tearing things up but looks good and easy to install and fits well. Would change speakers for better sound. How about model numbers and names of Radio's and speakers. New at this audio stuff . Thanks:confused:
CD player

All CD players mount the same in the exact size opening.I would go with Alpine,Nakamichi or Eclipse.Those three have the lowest THD% rating (total harmonic distortion)on the market.Look in the ownwers manual at a Sony or Pioneer THD% rating;JUNK!

That pioneer is only an excuse for pioneer to sell there crappy cd player in a bigger box!A custom install with smoked plexi would look better!
Jay's GN sells AC Delco units that fit, perfectly and come with the modified wiring harness for plug and play. Fit is perfect and it looks like it came with the car. Sound is good.
I was not real pleased with the speakers that came with the unit but if you like AC DELCO, this is the way to go.
stock unit

I think the delco CD is the way to go.Unless you want to hook up amps later,I wouldnt suggest it.You would have to hook up the amps through a rca cable to speaker wire converter.Can you say serious motor noise?
suggestion for radio

this is for okc 87gn. look at the new thread i posted as i meant to put it in the reply section. Just don't feel like retyping it/time for bed! I think this set up or portions of it will work out great and it was a piece of cake to install for us novices!