what RPM are you guys shifting at?


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For those with aftermarket camshafts I'd like to know if you've experimented with raising the shift points. I'd like to modify the governor to shift later but I don't want to go too high and risk potential damage.
I've got about the same cam as you, I shift at 5800. It might like it even higher, as my best time was when hitting the 6250 fuel cutoff on both shifts! :eek:
I am the same, 5800 or so, but as mentioned, you will go faster shifting at 6200....but you may not have as many shifts in your future ;)
what you'll scared of :D

with my lil flat tappet I've shifted it bouncing off the 6375 rpm fuel shutoff many many times

but I've been known to be a lil hard on my car but had no motor problems at all except heads lifting

think next motor Im just going to remove the fuel shut off and see how hard you really can run a stock crank and rods ?

Im thinking some 6800 rpm shift points would be sweet :D

Im gonna make a mess :D
I try to shift at 5200(ends up being between 5200-5400)and go through the traps at about 5500 with a 214/210 cam

I had to add metal back to my governor. A set screw in the hole. Then I had to take metal out by grinding on the head of the set screw. It seemed to shift different at different boost levels.
You need to test it under racing conditions and not pump gas conditions. Mine shifts at 5800 at 21 lbs of boost but on the street it shifts at 5300 at 16 lbs of boost.
Do you guys see the simular shift patterns? I was thinking of leaving the governor alone and pushing more boost in it to see if I could tickle the rev limiter. More torque would push through the converter increasing the rpm of the motor but not changing the rpm of the governor.