what should i get first?


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Oct 14, 2003
what should get first 1. a scan master or 2. a fuel pump hotwire kit and adj fuel press regulator i dont have enough for the scan tool and the fuel system stuff, which one is more important to have first, any help appreciated. thanks
With out some kind of scan tool and a good set of gauges its pretty much imposible to do any kind of performance tuning to one of these cars, defeating the reason for buying performance parts.

Just my 2 cents. :D
I would prioritize the mods as follows

1. Boost gage
2. Fuel pump hot wire
3. Fuel pump
4. Adjustable FP reg
5. Scan tool (scanmaster, direct scan, or turbolink)
6. 3" Downpipe

I wouldn't start turning up the boost until you have 1 thru 5 done........ unless you like to live dangerously. The obvious "Spring Cleaning" items need to get done too.

These parts can easily put you at the low 12's without a turbo, injectors, or intercooler upgrade.

I would suggest getting a fuel system first. The scan tool is just going to let you know something you already know, that you need a fuel system. Some kind of scan tool is strongly recommended but not at this point.