What size Comp Roller cam?


Jun 13, 2001
What size comp roller cam do I need for my combo? 206/206....212/212....or 218/212? I have a TA52 turbo, 009's, 3000 stall, and plan on getting a better down pipe and Intercooler..the rest of my mods are in the sig....Plus my engine is getting ported stock heads/intake, bigger valves, Forged pistons and billet main caps. My goal is to run high 10's low 11's.
I would go with what is recommended by the builder.

If I had to pick one I'd go with the 212. Never had one however.

I would also go to 57 lb. injectors high Z.

Or, if you have the injector mods. 63's or even higher.

Only replied due to the fact you are going to need injectors, don't know much about cams.

Roller is good however. :)
I have a 214/210 roller and went 11.14 with the 52. The only reason it didn't go faster was because I was out of injector with the 50's. Otherwise i would have pushed it harder to see what it would have done. I think you would be safe with either the 206 or the 212. I think the 218 may be a little big.
I'd do the 206/206 with your car. You going with Champ irons? If so, order em with K-750s and if $ is not too tight do the T&D 1.65 roller rockers. Putting the lift of that cam at .528/.528. Pretty stout combo and will drive round town like a stocker.