What size connector needed for 65mm Accufab TB?

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Mark Hueffman - Owner
Got a customer who is running a 65mm TB with a 3" up pipe. What is the outside diameter of the Accufab 65mm TB?? Wondering if a straight 3" connector can be used or does it need a reducer?
Hey mark, I ordered your 3 inch up pipe several months ago (very nice piece)
and I also have accufab 65 mm tb. In an ideal world it would be nice if there was such a thing as a 3.00 to 2.90 trasition hose, but I haven't found that so I'm using a 3 inch hose and a three inch tubonetics T-clamp. in order to make it seal nice and tight you have to make a couple shims and slip them underneath the t-clamp between it and the hose to get them to sandwich together. I also put a spacer between the t-clamp bolt and the end lip so as to not have to keep wrenching on the bolt to tighten it down good. You have to shim it or it will not seal well and blow off, I know cause mine did. There may be other solutions. Hope that helpd. pictures below.
Also, do you have a master cylinder break cover for TTAs? Chrome? any pics?

Nice! blingggg! I'll look at my bud's GN in the next few weeks and see if they are the similiar, from the pics they do.