What size injectors to install?


The car I am considering buying has leaking injectors, so will need new ones. I was wondering what size would be the best to install? Only mod I know that the car has is the hot wired walbro 340 fp. Thanks in advance!

well what do you plan on doing to the car in the future? then we cango from there? no point in buying injectors now and a year later needind bigger ones

Try 38's. Call Precision and Joe can get you the 38's with a chip for a god price, and he makes a great 38# chip.
You'll need a chip for 38s for it to work.. hell, I know some guys who just go from stock to MSD 50's cause they dont wanna have to worry about buying new ones in the future.. as long as you have a chip for them.. no problem!
The 009s are cheap and will go EASY mid 11s. They should be all the injector you will need and have good street manners.
Just looked on PTE web site and it said 38's are for ta-49 to pt- 51 turbo. Will these (38lb injectors) work with a stock turbo. Want to be sure before hand. Probably will not be able to buy new, so will have to buy used. Have some parts to trade. Thanks guys!:confused:
Cool84- Dave with S&S(turbomotion) had some 009's for sale he said they were to large for a basically stock 84 T??????:confused:
36lb Ford Bluetops....

Buy injectors that many vendors will support. If you buy 38lbs like suggested you will find you are painted into a corner with only one or two vendors supporting chip development for those injectors. Bluetops are pretty much supported by everyone.

009's are overkill for a "stock" hot-air car.

You can go bigger and have a chip made to support your injectors but think of it this way for a moment... why not get it right the first time? If you elect bigger mods sell the injectors on the Turbo TRader or on this board... somebody will buy them. :)
You have to be careful when selecting 36's as there are more than one type (868's, bluetops, the new Ford inj., Accel). That is why I say get 38's, everyone who knows what they are has no problems with them. Upgrade turbos or maxeffort/x-lator+ type setups wil yeild good results with the 009's tho.
Get 009's and be done with it. Just get a chip for them, and you won't know the difference. If 009's are overkill for mid 12's, then so are 38's and 36's. Stockers will go high 11's. I highly recommend against 50's, they are the worst injector out. I get heat from this, but what I say is true.
Now I'm really confused :confused:

Ok, I need to know which ones will work (with a chip for them) with a basically stock 84 T. Only mod is hot wired 340 fp. Looking for mid to ow 12's eventually out of the car , but not right away! I am confused- 36's, 38's or 009's!!! Please help! Thanks for all the replies!
All of them will work. The mods to the car really don't matter as long as you have a chip burned for your engine set up. You can run 72's on a stock car as long as you have a chip for them (with ecm mod of course). If you only want mid to low 12's, then go with 36's. I think 009's cost the same, so you might as well go with them.
Yeah, best bet is to call whoever you want to have make your chips and ask them what they recommend. Joe at Precision is big on the 38# and he's the guy I run to for my chips.