What size to look for


Wondering what am i suppose to look for when choosing a rim. I like these three rims but not sure how to tell if they will fit or not. Can anyone point oout to me what size i should be looking for i want 17's just not sure what to look for is all


those are fwd rims, they wont fit but damn they are sweet

if you got the cash Simmons ($2200) has rims like that also Boyd coddington $1800 with black centers.

do search for boyd and simmons, lot of hits . We had a wheel site last year not sure what happened to it? maybe someone can chime in and help, it was rcspooler.com or something
ADR does make a set of those that they sell, claiming fitment for S10's and Camaro's. The thing is, they are 120mm(BMW), and our vehicles have a 120.6mm lug pattern. Alot of S10 owners run them as is, claiming that they "fit", but that's a crapshoot from where I stand. So be mindful of this if you happen to find that auction.
Dan, ok we can figure this out, A8285852035HB 18x8.5 5x120 35 Hyper Black

What is the "35" offset mean to our cars? thanks
Long arithmatic isn't my strongsuit.
35mm positive offset = 1.4 inches
0 offset would be 4.25" back spacing
So add the 4.25+1.4= 5.65" backspacing? :confused:

Not sure if that kind of backspacing would work on a Regal. I'd almost guarantee it wouldn't work on my 2wd Blazer.

I've run by so many sites on this subject, and I have the site in my head, but I don't remember where it is. It had common offsets for the Camaros and Vettes, going up to 45mm, IIRC. I'm going to watch CSI Miami right now, I'll look for it afterwards. Might try www.skulte.com , I'm thinking it was there offhand.

Good luck. I do know that G body fitments will work with my Blazer, and I love those rims. Maybe some brainstorming amongst us all with net us a set of these safetly. :cool:
Please don't think much of that math. I'm almost sure it is more in depth than that, mine's just an estimate.
Went to that skulte site, it had the chart I was looking for.

From what I've gathered, the 3rd gen Fbody front end, the Gbody, and the 2wd Blazer are pretty much the same in that they use a 8" wide rim with zero offset. But, I'm not sure if either of us can use that chart with complete success, due to the fact that the Camaro might accept more backspacing than our automobiles.
here's a chart with bs/offset/width..

so i would be looking for this

Fronts 17x8 120.65 (5x4.75) with a -6 offset (4.25)
Rears 17x9 120.65 (5x4.75) with a -6? offset (4.75)

weird when you try to convert , not sure if you can ever get it exact.


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well those are damn close 5 x120.... the 40MM offset is suspect?

bolt circle should be 5x120.65 if you convert 5x4 3/4 to MM.

anyway the offset is not sounding right for our cars.

I sent ADR an email requesting help for a custom fitment and a possible group purchase for our cars..........
oneshot said:
What is the OFFSET

I have no F clue god i hate not knowing S!!!!

Offset is the distance from the mounting face to the wheel centerline in millimeters.

Positive offset numbers mean more backspacing, negative offset means less backspacing.

Zero to slightly negative offset works best on a G-body. Positive offset likely means spacers/adapters will be needed to work.
To continue on what UNGN is saying, the positive offset of these rims "benefit" us in that it should enable us to purchase a set of good hubcentric adapters to allow the different lug pattern of that particular ADR rim to fit without causing an excessive negative offset when the adapters are fitted to the rim.

I say benefit with the " " because the adapters would only be good for a similar BMW fitment and that's it. If you love all things mesh, than you may be able to justify purchasing a $200 set of spacers for this application. Otherwise, when you decide to change to a set of late model Vette rims, for example, another set of spacers will be necessary.

Personaly, I don't think it would be a bad purchase. Those ADR rims are awesome; and when the time comes to change the rims, there are plenty of s10 owners that have interest in using BMW rims. Let's hope that ADR goes for the Group Buy, and makes all of this a non issue. :D