What Stall for my combo?


I'm going to buy a 9X11 converter from Bruce at Performance Transmissions.

Check my sig, what stall would you recommend? 3000? 3200?
once I get the tranny looked at :mad: I'll be going to the track as often as once a week, every wednesday. Think 3200 is about right? I want to get those 60's down real good:D

I have a friend who knows some tranny guys. They know 200r4's pretty well. Is there anything I should tell them about the "2-3 shift flare" that would help them see what they're looking for? I'd like to go into this with as little ignorance as possible!
Not a flame BUT if you need to tell your tranny builder about the 2-3 flair and what they need to be looking for, I'd be finding another tranny builder. That just don't sound good to me! Very few people can build a 200r4 correctly and make it last. Better do your math on this one before you end up having major troubles. HTH Randall
That's not what I'm saying at all, it's snowing here so the car's put away, I haven't been to a mechanic yet.

What I'm saying is, the more information I can give the mechanic about the problem, the more informed and better equiped he will be to fix it.

I like to know everything I can about the car before I go and spend a potential large amount of money.
So what causes the 2-3 shift flare?

Would 3200 be an acceptable stall for the 9X11 converter in my combo? That's what I think I'm going to end up buying.
you shouldnt need any more than 3000 stall with the 51 turbo ..even with camshaft my car is pulling real hard by 3000

keep in mind the higher stall the harder its going to be to hook the car and you'll be wasting the killer low end torque these cars put out.

when we put my 51 turbo on my buddys stock mtored 87 GN we got the car down to 1.60 60 ft's on stock d5 converter with 27/10.50 hoosier quick time pro's