What times do stock 84-85 GN's run?



I am looking at getting a grand national that i have found here in town. The body is in pretty good shape but the inside looks rough. I haven't gotten to talk to the seller yet but the car has been at a used dealership for a while now.....i have just now recognized it was there. I think the car has +100,000 miles on it. Question is: what times do stock Grand Nationals run (84-85')???

....I am new to the GN world so any help would be appreciated.

Stock...(untouched) the car will prob run a high 15 at the high 80's MPH....(mine did)

If you Tune the car up, and have it running well with a generious amount of boost you can prob get a 14 or so from it.(at least mine did)

Speed Costs $...how fast do you want to go?
mine ran in the low 15's , 15.34 @ 90mph . But with a few little mods you can get these cars flying.

whats up herb, :)
Low 15s to high 14s on a good day. Add more boost, chip, filter, fuelpump, and regulator on good tires and you can see high to mid 13s. They are about a second slower than the later ones stock for stock and respond about the same to the first few mods. Went 14.0 with the above with a 2.2 60' at 101mph so it could've been a mid 13 with traction.