What to buy?


Bench Racing Hater
Aug 7, 2003
OK... going to the good old autozone tomorrow to get some gaskets, spark plugs, and the like... what kind of gaskets should I buy? Which spark plugs should I buy?
1st what kinda gaskets do you need and second Vatozone dont carry the the NGKs but they do have denso plugs. but what kinda gaskets do you need.

felrpro performace series numbers like 1400 and 1200 seem to wrk the best.

For plugs... Everyone said something about a colder firing AC Delco one, which would be great. Also, I need head, intake manifold, exhaust manifold, the whole works. I want high pressure head gaskets to help prevent blowing them. I have heard bad things with felpro's. Actually, I have seen one come loose on 15psi. Any other suggestions?
I talked to a guy at felpro, he said I needed either wire lock gaskets (too much money), or copper gaskets for my head. Either way my block would need to be machined. Anyway I can get around this? Please respond!!! TIA