What to do???


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Jun 21, 2007
Newbie to Forum and t-type/GN stuff. I just purchased an 85' t-type and would like to make it pretty quick. It had a bent pushrod when I bought it, have replaced them all. Wondering if I could convert to 86-87 or if it is even worth doing. Don't really know what direction to take on this, would like some feedback. It is bone stock 125,000 miles and is in fair condition.

Welcome Pilgrim!

Glad to have you on board! Before actually doing any mod's, take the time to learn as much as possible about these cars and you won't be replacing h/gaskets, or bent p/rods, every week!:eek: It may take you a while, but you will find it to be cheaper and the fastest way to a happy experience w/these cars.:biggrin: Turbo Regal Web Site is a good place to start.
As far as upgrading to the intercooled model, that is possible. There are plenty of guys who have gone that route that can help you. Just approach it from a "knowledgeable stand-point" and you will save a lot of frustration and money.:biggrin: Again, Welcome!
So what would you suggest to do first. The main reson why I am asking is because I already have an I/C for it and half of the bolts broke off in the turbine housing inlet and oulet. So basically I had figured on Fabricating alot of the parts for this car but apperently they are like any older turbo car lol. Have a 255 lph intank pump, Evo 8 FMIC (got it real cheap) and some couplers piping etc. So what H/G do I need to get does someone make a multilayer metal H/G??? ARP bolts/studs??? ohh yeah pushrods??? what do I need to use???:D
you might...

want to purchase the 86-7 items to make a swap over to the 86-7. the intake, headers, harness,etc. the guys that have done the swap can better help. the other option is the hot air guys may have a quick fix for you until you get up to speed w/ the how-to's.:cool: