what to use to connect comp. to LCD HDTV


Ok, my wife bought a hdtv(lcd) for her home office to display her clients photos on(photography business) she has an hp comp. w/ the normal vga output to monitor and also a dvi graphics card in the comp, too. The tv will be mounted on an adjacent wall so im thinking 20 to 25 ft of cable is needed to run from comp. to under floor over to adjacent wall and up to lcd tv. The tv has all the cool inputs like hdmi, rgb, vga etc. Should i just split the vga at the back of the comp. and run it up to the tv and also run an audio jack cable w/ it. Or should i go a different route. Note this is for high resolution pictures for a client to view from like a wedding, or baby pics, seniors etc. Thanks. Rich.
I would go with HDMI if the computer has a slot for it. otherwise, you are basically stuck with the VGA cord. They are not the greatest for quality but not bad. The HDMI is way superior in picture quality.
Because your wife is in the photography business, I'd recommend keeping the signal digital (HDMI, DVI) and avoid analog (VGA). Besides the difference in image quality, some TVs just don't do higher resolutions via the VGA input. Also, a simple y-cable wouldn't work very well - you'd want a VGA distribution amp/active splitter.

You can run flat HDMI cable from the TV to the PC, and get a DVI-HDMI adapter. We do this all the time at work, as the video signal is essentially the same, just with a different connector. Also, DVI does not transport audio. 25FT Flat Standard HDMI Cable

If this is a desktop PC, you can pick up an HDMI video card cheap and can the adapter idea altogether, using DVI for the local monitor. It requires you to dig in to the PC, though. SAPPHIRE HDMI Radeon HD 4350
(Not an endorsement of this particular card, although I have Sapphires in my home PCs)

Hope this helps.
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No need for an adapter I use this for the computer in my room http://www.monoprice.com/products/p...=10231&cs_id=1023103&p_id=2842&seq=1&format=2
Thanks guys, it looks like ill pick up an hdmi-dvi cable like said in the last post and run an audio cable along with it. Thanks