what turbo for my setup


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Oct 18, 2010
ok so i finally get my car right and my te60 takes a sh** :mad:yesterday . i bought this car not running about 6 months ago after a alot more than i was wanting to spend it was finnally right and ready to go or so i thought im looking for a quick spool and a reliable turbo and i have been looking at convertors also my 2800 is sh*t also and it is the build in my sig id love to see high 10,s so whats it gonna take to get me there with my build or can it be done
Was your turbo brand new? I have a friend that rebuilds turbos and it is amazing how many used turbos are in need of a complete rebuild. My old TE-62 looked perfect till I opened it up.:frown:
no it was on car when i got it and the last two owners didnt put it on car so who knows