What turbo?


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May 30, 2001
What turbo would you rather have a CPT-70 BB or a PTE-70 GTQ and why if possible? im considering getting a new turbo and trying to make up my mind-THANKS!
Innovative double ball bearing for a street car. ;)

Depends on the build up and goals most likely.

Oh and the prices of them all and your budget.

Lots of variables.
If money is not an issue then without a doubt the ballbearing as you will get into your power band quicker with less stall. If money is an issue then I would go with a regular 70 not the GTQ as I feel it would need too much stall to enjoy on the street.
my being happy with the turbo is more important right now than the money. thanks for the input.my budget right now will allow me whatever i want. how much stall does the pte 70 gtq turbo need?
I only needed a 3200 stall Protorque with my Innovative GT70 dual BB.

What cam and heads are you going to be using?

You could probably get away easily with 3300-3400 if you wanted, even with a higher/better flowing motor.

Assuming you wanted to drive it a lot on the street. :)
i ll be using a schneider cam 208/224, with ported champion irons and t&d roller rockers- i will have the block girdled or steel main capped, not sure yet. with a bgc intake and 70 mm tb. How much of a difference is there between the Innovative BB turbo and a Turbonetics BB turbo?
Is a BB cpt-70 going to make as much power as a PT70-GTQ? The GTQ is a proven bad ass turbo..to the the tune of 9.57@142 on a certain TSM car..
Well since the wheels aren't the same size and he never tried an Innovative or Turbonetics turbo I guess we will never know. :p

Population of 1 in an experiment is kinda useless. ;)

I'm enjoying my car on the street this winter with my 70 so I can't let him borrow it to try it. :cool:
im sure i would be happy with either , just trying to figure what the better choice would be. i ll let you all know in the spring when the car gets all put back together. thanks salvage- like you said if i havent had one of these turbos i i wouldnt know what i would be missing.