what type of cam nose is this?



Thanks Steve


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Looks like a mechanical fuel pump drive, distributor drive gear (made of phenolic?/ fiber), and a roller bearing front nose.
It's an odd fire cam gear set up. The car has a billet roller cam right? All billet cams were ground on odd fire cam blanks thus the different timing set etc. Is this a Stage II motor you're building or looking to buy?

Yes it is a solid billet roller cam. it was in this motor i bought recently(oncenter stage 2 heads). the previous owner didnt remember the specs on it. so im try is it normal to have the fuel pump esscentric on there?

and is there a difference in cams for a on or off center motor?

thanks steve

The fuel pump ecentric is just acting as a spacer in this application. Not sure why it appears to be worn. There aren't any differences between billet cams for On center and Off center engines. There should be some identification on the back of the cam that could give a clue as the the specs. If you have it out anyway just take it to your local cam vendor and have them run it on the cam doctor and see what the specs are.