What type of paint to use...


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Jul 5, 2003
What deg of high heat paint should be used to paitn a downpipe. only asking because i painted my dump pipe with hight hwat paint about 3 months ago(i think it was 500 deg) and now its rusted color again. will any type of paint not wear off of the downpipe????
I seriously doubt it.. THere are some supposable "high temp" paint but i don't think they can take the heat on that dp.. There are some high temp powder coatings out there that may take up to 1100 deg.. you may want to check that one.
Well then can i ask how is it properly done? and where specifically can i get that brand?
If it is bare metal, no paint, clean them with soap and water. Dry them good, best to use a propane torch to drive out the moisture. Will not last long unless old paint [if any?] is not removed.

Local performance shops here carry it. Have seen it work for a top coating on pistons [not turbo ones!].