What Would A Ta-54 Do


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May 26, 2001
how would it effect my car. when i had my ta-49 in the car it seemed a little small so i sold it and im int the prosses of buying a new turbo i was thinking a ta-54? what do u think? mods listed below.


ta-54 will go on future motor

The TA/PT52, 53 and 54 are all capable of producing Low 11 to Mid 10 second timeslips as well. TA/PT52-54 versions will benefit from a higher stall converter as lag with stall under 2800 could be objectionable.

The TA54 turbocharger is the last of our 50 series turbos. It will support 615 horsepower, and retains the stock appearing removable inlet bell. 3000 stall is required and injectors from 63 to 72lb/hr are recommended.
$ 639.00

*taken from P,T&E web site...HTH

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