whats a complete 85 grand national engine worth


Mar 8, 2011
im curious as to how much a complete 85 turbo engine is worth . thinking of buying one i found and swapping the 86 87 stuff on it. just not sure if it worth the price i dont know if it runs but looks in decent shape. said he pulled it out a running car and turbo has lots of play.. what do u guys think.. thanks
I'd say without hearing it run...$4-500 tops....if that...you'll get next to nothing for the hot air stuff, and are basically buying an unknown long block....75 for the heads, 150 for the block (if its a 20 bolt 140 block) and 150 - 200 for the crank...if its any good...50-75 for the pistons/rods...and gambling on the stock cam and lifters still being good...JMHO....