whats a good set of headers, and whats a cross over pipe


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Oct 14, 2003
could anyone tell me a good set of headers for a daiily driven 87 gn, and what a cross over pipe is
Stock is best till you're running really fast, spend your money on things you NEED.
Tarey D.
I was just looking at his modifications and saw that aftermarket headers would be overkill for a basically stock GN. From what I understand, the stock headers are good enough for mid-low 10s.
stock headers ok,,what about hot airs ??

While we`re on the subject of headers, how bout hot air headers,I own a couple of hot airs and just curious bout what their headers are,good or bad ???
I have a set from Nick Micale at arizona GN. They are way better peices than the stock ones. The fit is incredible. and no leaks or cracks after 6 months of use. I may be selling them because i am building a stage motor with a 4 bolt turbo and would rather not use an adaptor the mount hte turbo.
If you go to his website you can see them, heres the link
Someday, when your monster has 400 horsepower, it will be very happy with the stock headers still in use.