Scanmaster data

Yes sir, set to 43 with the vac line off. When I put it back on it settles to about 36. Should I raise the line off number so that it settles to 38 with the line back on?
I ran mine at 44 line off. What's important is the fuel pressure rises 1 for 1 for boost.
Checked out the settings in the MAF yesterday, turns out, the dip switches were set to ON ON OFF OFF, I have a TT chip, so I switched it t ON ON ON OFF, base and wot dials were set to 0, changed base to 3, wot stayed at 0. I'm installing a shorty intake tomorrow, i'll reset the ecm after that and take her out for a spin.
Finally got around to relocating the vapor canister and take her out in the road with the new maf translator settings and new air intake. For some reason now my blm is at 142. It was 130 with incorrect translator settings and stock air intake. Any ideas? Seems like I’m always chasing the blm issue.
try raising fuel pressure 1 lb. If you are sure you don't have a exhaust leak at the header.