Scanmaster data


Jul 12, 2022
Was hoping to get some help and see if my data is good. I’ve done quite a bit to the car, new exhaust headers, new cross over pipe, new 3” down pipe, new gn1 3” exhaust and test pipe setup, new stretched slic, new radiator and dual fan setup, new umi suspension kit and steering components. 42lbs injectors, tt chip, hot wire kit, upgraded fuel pump.
This was after the drive home from getting an alignment:
Maf 5
Lv8 33
Volts 13.6
Int 128
BLM 142
Tps 0.50
Iac 45
O2 cc 64
Appreciate any help.
blm kinda high but it might still be learning
o2 is it moving? should be moving past 400 then back below 400 as it runs until you get into the loud pedal where it goes up.
when you accelerate does the maf move up and at wot is it at 256? doesn't say weather you have upgraded to a translator and newer style maf.
I concur. I try to keep my TPS at .42v idle & 4.4 at WOT.

IAC under 20(idle & engine warm).

BLM’s seem a tad high.
o2 cross counts should be constantly moving as you are driving, as the narrow band o2 reports information back to the computer, which brings up my next point: get a wideband o2 sensor so you get a more accurate picture of what the car is doing, especially at WOT. AEM makes a good one.
@TexasT I'll keep an eye on the O2 and MAF numbers when I take it out next time, see if it's moving. Still have stock MAF, looking at purchasing LT1 and MAF translator shortly and installing it.
@salvageV6 0.50 TPS is not a typo, that's what it's reading. I'm looking to adjust the TPS and IAC in the coming days, see if that fixes the BLM issues or just improve general running performance.
@MikeS Wideband O2 sensor is on the list
I'm gonna assume the engine was at operating temperature and in Park for the readings. BLM's, IAC and TPS are outta whack. If BLM's are correct you have a vacuum or pre turbo exhaust leaks.
@SCOOBY DOO yeah it was warmed up, i drove it back from the shop after an alignment. I'll look into resetting the IAC and adjusting it along with the TPS. I do have a smoke machine, any ideas on where I could pump smoke into the vacuum lines to see where i might have a leak?
Update ***
So I went ahead and adjusted my TPS and my IAC. I also went ahead and swapped out my MAF with an LT1 and MAF translator. Car runs good, here’s my new numbers washer getting her warmed up:
Maf 4
Lv8 30
Volts 14
Int 128
BLM 130
Tps 0.40
Iac 23
O2 cc 118

These numbers good?
BLM and Int within range. but when driving it needs to do some movement above and below the break to make sure the o2 is working, also need to have the maf moving when the throttle is opened
do as above and study up at vortex Buick

doesn't seem to be running well?
@~JM~ and @TexasT Thanks for the response. I'm gonna take a look at that webpage and read up on it.
I've been monitoring the BLMs while driving, they are moving up and down as i accelerate/cruise/brake.
The car seems to be running great, probably the best its been running since I've owned her. I am noticing that my boost seems to be loosing pressure though. I get on it, notice my boost gauge gets up to about 10 then start trickling back down even though I'm still on the pedal. just another thing to look into.
How fast are the 02's moving around warmed up. Slower than 1 per second and the 02 sensor is on it's way out.
hoses on the ic, turbo and up pipe can leak. I use some gas filler rubber hose as replacement but our vendors sell sets if you want that. I like some hair spray to lube em up for the install and it dries sticky to hold em in place. yeah, i'm a guy from the eighties, decade of big hair!
how does the maf number do as you apply the loud pedal?
o2 is a wear item, when in doubt swap it out.
@Dan SS2471 thanks, i'll tweak the TPS a bit to 0.42
@SCOOBY DOO thanks for the link, i'll take a look at it. I purchased the lt1 maf and translator together, product said translator was shipped programmed for lt1 maf, but i'll crack her open and verify. o2 sensor is new, put a new one in when i swapped the downpipe out (couldnt get the other one out). cant recall brand off hand, i'll have to look at my receipts. i'll take a look at the o2 numbers, make sure they are moving as well as the rpms this weekend when i take her out.
Yes sir, set to 43 with the vac line off. When I put it back on it settles to about 36. Should I raise the line off number so that it settles to 38 with the line back on?